Football (Boys V)

Cadets Defeat #9 Wildcats to Advance to Sectional 37 Semifinal

By Connor Simmons | Oct 23, 2023 8:38 AM

Cascade welcomed South Vermillion Wildcats to Cascade Memorial Sports Complex Friday Night for the first round of the IHSAA Sectional 37 match-up. South Vermillion came into this game 8-1 and on a 6 game winning streak, while Cascade came into the game dropping the last two regular season games. Cascade won the toss and elected to defer to the second half. Much of South Vermillion’s offensive success came on the first drive of the night where the Wildcats took the ball 62 yards to take a 7-0 lead early on. Cascade answered twice, once on the opening kickoff with JR Tyler Hege taking it 71 yards for a touchdown, but a holding penalty would take the points off the board. So the offense would go with a 80 yard drive of their own, much of it coming on the ground from SO Toby Savini. SO Dayton Mink would find the endzone from 3 yards out, but an missed extra point would keep the Cadets down 6-7. On the ensuing possession, South Vermillion would drive down into Cadet territory, but SO Marcus Hobson would come up with an interception and return it 47 yards, setting the offense up in scoring territory. SO Brady Trebley would need five plays to score, finding SR Caiden Clements for a 5 yard touchdown reception extending the lead 12-7. JR Josiah Murrain would come up with a huge 3rd down sack to force the Wildcats to punt. Cascade would get great field position, but South Vermillion’s defense would force a 3 and out. Cascade’s punt team, which has had trouble with snaps and punts all year long, would come out to pin them deep. The snap would go over the punters head, South Vermillion would pick it up and score for a touchdown giving them a 12-14 lead through the middle of the second quarter. Cascade would answer back with a 63 yard drive of their own, all coming on the ground attack. SR Clements would hit for 14 yards, SO Savini would rattle off a 13 yard run and SR Appleby would cap off the drive with a 24 yard touchdown run to take a 18-14 lead. South Vermillion would threaten at the end of the first half, but the Cadet defense would stand tall when their backs were up against a wall and go into halftime with a 18-14 lead. Cadets would receive the opening 2nd half kickoff. The offense would drive 66 yards to take a 25-14 lead. SO Savini would convert on a huge 3rd & 14 to keep the drive moving and SR Appleby would cap off the drive with a 3 yard touchdown run. South Vermillion would answer with a huge drive from their offense to keep themselves in the game, but it would start with a big kickoff return setting themselves up in great field position. They would go 48 yards and convert a 4 and 3 from the 12 yard line to inch closer at 25-20 after a two point fail try. Cascade would go on a long 8 minute drive converting multiple 3rd down attempts with much of it coming on the ground. The offense would be force to a 4th and 5 at their own 12 yard line and instead of electing to kick the field goal, they rolled the dice and SO Trebley found SO Savini in the end zone for a 8 yard touchdown reception. Cascade would extend the lead 32-20 with a little over 7 minutes to play. Cadet’s kickoff team would pin the Wildcats back deep at their own 17 yard line. After a penalty, on 1st down from their own 8 yard line, a snap would go over the quarterback's head and SR Caiden Clements would force a safety on the play extending the lead 34-20. Cascade would go to their run game again to drive 47 yards in 4 minutes and finish off with a SR Caiden Clements touchdown from 3 yards out extending the lead to 41-20. That would put the game out of reach with 2 minutes remaining. South Vermillion would have another errant snap with SR Clements recovering and giving the ball back to the Cadets offense. Cascade would go into victory formation as the clock would tick down to zero. With the win, #9 South Vermillion fell to 8-2 on the season and Cascade would move to the final 32 extending their record to 6-4 on the year for back to back seasons. Cascade will travel to Southmont Jr/Sr High School next Friday, the winner will make an appearance in Sectional 37 Championship game. Mounties come into the game at 5-5 after a 32-20 defeat over Sullivan Golden Arrows. Scoring Summary 1st Quarter SV: 3 Yard Run (Kick) 0-7 C: Mink 3 Yard Run (Schnarr Kick No Good) 6-7 2nd Quarter C: Clements 5 Yard Pass from Trebley (2 Point Failed) 12-7 SV: Blocked Kick Return (Kick) 12-14 C: Appleby 24 Yard Run (2 Point Failed) 18-14 3rd Quarter C: Apple 4 Yard Run (Schnarr Kick) 25-14 SV: 12 Yard Pass (2 Point Failed) 25-20 4th Quarter C: Savini 8 Yard Pass from Trebley (Schnarr Kick) 32-20 C: Safety 34-20 C: Clements 2 Yard Run (Schnarr Kick) 41-20 Game Summary Total Plays C: 68 SV: 48 Total Offense C: 369 SV: 202 Passing Yards C: 54 SV: 206 Rushing Yards C: 315 SV: -6 First Downs C: 23 SV: 14 Third Down C: 12-14 SV: 4-9 Fourth Down C: 2-2 SV: 2-3 Turnovers C: 0 SV: 2 Penalties C: 5-39 SV: 4-28 Offensive Stats Passing Brady Trebley 5-6 54 Yards 2 TD Rushing Toby Savini 21-125 Yards Damien Appleby 10-85 Yards 2 TD Caiden Clements 12-54 Yards 1 TD Dayton Mink 12-40 Yards 1 TD Brady Trebley 7-24 Yards Receiving Trent Austin 1-25 Yards Brayden Cartmel 1-18 Yards Toby Savini 2-8 Yards 1 TD Caiden Clements 1-5 Yards 1 TD Defensive Stats Tackles Lucas Farmer 9 Tackles Jackson Cornelius 6 Tackles JT Roshong 5 Tackles Marcus Hobson 2 Tackles 1 Interception Special Teams Kickoffs Chase Schnarr 7-266 1 TB Cascade 41 South Vermillion 20

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